Episode 025: Nathan Lachenmyer

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In this episode, I sit down with my friend Nathan Lachenmyer to talk about his work as a creative technologist.  He started his career at MIT, in my hometown of Boston, which is actually how I met Nathan in the first place.  Nathan is a super talented creator and he’s worked on some iconic installations at the Dana Farber Institute and the Tate Modern.  His work with kinetic sculptures early on informed some of his more recent work incorporating machine learning with robotic free-floating artificial life forms at the Tate.  Pretty wild stuff!

It’s very cool to talk with Nathan about how his career has progressed since finishing school.  Our conversation was so natural and easy, we both know so many of the same people.  It’s an interesting dive into some unique parts of the New Media Arts Scene and I think that you’re going to love listening to us jam!

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