Episode 020: Luke Taylor

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Welcome back to the Luminous Arts!  This time I’m talking to my friend Luke Taylor from all the way over in Australia.  He’s the lead engineer for Advatek, the company that makes the Pixlite line of LED controllers.  We’ve been using his hardware for years, giving them shit when we need new features and working with them to keep the needs of the light artist front and center in their development process.  This episode is a nerdy one, so be forewarned, we get into the weeds!

We talk about how his company formed and the path he’s taken as a developer working in the pixel control world.  Sorting through the myriad of pixel technologies can be a dizzying process, but his company does a great job demystifying it for amateurs and professionals alike.

We talk about the fundamental ways that artists use LED controllers to tie their installations together, what kinds of features are important and matter to people, and the line between controller and pattern engine.

It’s a fascinating if not a totally geeky conversation, and I’m stoked we finally got to connect and have a good chat.

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