Episode 017: Joshua White

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This is a really special episode for me.  Joshua is one of the pioneers in the performance visual arts scene.  He was one of the first to project live visuals on stage and since I was 18 years old I’ve known about his work as one of the pioneers of visual music.  When I was vjing professionally back in 2005 I got a chance to meet Josh and work with him at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  I wanted to go deep with him then and get into his story but there just wasn’t time.  This year I reached out and asked him to do an episode and he agreed!

We had an excellent conversation about how he came up in the scene during the 60s and the influence that San Francisco during the Summer of Love had on his artistic development.  He tells me about the cultural atmosphere that allowed his work to flourish and what it was like to make a name for himself during that time.  It’s a really cool recounting of the bicoastal counterculture during another period of national upheaval and it’s hilarious how similar things were.

It struck me how some of the paths he blazed to make a living creating new media art are the same paths I see myself and my peers walking.  It was cool to reflect on the generational differences and similarities between us and get his perspective on the state of new media arts today.

So check it out, I think you’ll dig our conversation and maybe it will help to put your own work and career path into a new perspective!

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