Episode 016: Richard DDT Trapani

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Good morning people!  In this episode, I sit down with my longtime friend Rich Trapani, or Rich DDT as residents of the Bay Area know him.  Originally out of my hometown, Boston, he’s made a name for himself out on the West Coast running an immersive new media salon called Lovetech.  It’s a dance party slash multimedia arts expose where tinkerers, artists, and other participants can hang out, socialize, and expose each other to new types of tech, grab a drink, or get down on the dance floor to some of the scenes most innovative producers.  It’s been happening for about 10 years now until Covid threw a wrench into the live nightlife scene.

Rich is really active in the new media arts scene and was one of the artists selected to produce custom work for the new Meow Wolf property in Vegas.  He’s spent time working with Illuminate the Arts and Anticlockwise producing permanent placemaking features.  We talk about the state of immersive theater and how COVID might fundamentally change the shape of counterculture going forward.  It’s a really interesting conversation and I think you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed having it!

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