Episode 009: Gabriel Dunne

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April 1, 2020

This episode of the Podcast is with Gabriel Dunne, an interactive multimedia artist and code wizard who’s been a staple of the Bay Area new-media arts scene for more than a decade.  He’s one of the original members of the OOOShiny list, a gathering place and discussion forum for some of the most prolific new-media artists worldwide. This group is actually how I tapped into our community here in the Bay and it’s one of my favorite resources to find people doing interesting things with technology.

We have a really good conversation and dive deep into some of the social issues affecting the Bay Area arts community.  We talk about how the scene has evolved and changed over the decade-plus he’s been involved in creating art here and how his career as an artist has evolved.  This is a great episode, one of my favorites thus far, and I really think you’ll enjoy listening to it.


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