Episode 004: Scott Draves

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Hey everyone, welcome to the Luminous Podcast!  This is a conversational series where I sit down with new media artists from across the spectrum.  My goal with this program is to create a relaxed forum for my friends and colleagues behind some amazing examples of visual and interactive art.  It’s really common to see something that inspires you on Instagram or on a blog, find the name of an artist or a crew that made it happen, but never get a good sense of who these people really are. What drives the people who make these installations come to life?  Where are they from? What do they love about the work they do, and what drives them crazy? These are the questions that I want to answer as I speak with some of the community’s most prolific names.

 My friendship with Scott goes back to before I moved to the West Coast.  He’s an artist & programmer that made his name coding phenomenal generative artwork.  His most well-known piece, titled “Electric Sheep”, started as a self-evolving algorithm, gaining traction in the Motion Graphics community before becoming a phenomenon unto itself.  Seeing the potential in crowdsourcing the processing that created the generative patterns, he created a system allowing users to vote on the visual characteristics of each pattern and allowed the most successful art pieces to “mate” with each other, creating offspring with similar traits based on that of its parent patterns.  In this way, Scott’s art evolves and progresses with a life of its own.

Today I sat down with Scott in the offices of his new employer, CTRL-Labs, a company working to bridge the human-computer divide with a new type of user input device that taps directly into the nerve impulses in a user’s wrist.  Doesn’t get much more trans-human that that… Enjoy the episode!


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