Episode 001: Brian Pinkham

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March 18, 2019

Hey everyone, welcome to the brand new Luminous Podcast!  This is a new conversational series where I’m going to sit down with new media artists from across the spectrum.  My goal with this program is to give a public voice to the people behind the most amazing examples of visual and interactive art.  In this industry, it’s really common to see something that inspires you on Instagram or on a blog, find the name of an artist or crew responsible, and then have them remain a complete mystery. Who are the people who make these installations come to life?  Where are they from? What do they love about the work they do, and what drives them crazy? These are the questions that I want to answer as I speak with some of the community’s most prolific names.

My first interview was with Brian Pinkham.  A long-time friend and collaborator, my relationship with Brian goes back to Envision Festival in the jungles of Puerto Rico back in 2013.  Brian is a brilliant LED programmer who uses microcontrollers to create embedded systems that drive light patterns across the light-art installations he builds.  He’s had his work displayed at festival installations around the world including Galactic Jungle at Burning Man, Carey Thompson’s Portal, and Helianthus Enormae with Fez Gaetz.  He also has a prominent piece featured at the Onedome interactive arts & entertainment space in San Francisco.  Our conversation wound its way through his current work, his background as an artist, and we jam on some of our pet peeves and commonalities

It’s a good first episode and I hope that you enjoy it!

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