‘Delta’ by 1024 Architecture

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“Place Auguste Baron, at Porte de la Villette, the incessant ballet of traffic and noise pollution questions the position of pedestrians within public space. Delta, a digital zebra suspended beneath the ring road, comprises two slender sculptures in wood, metal, and lights placed either side of the place. Two series of 32 wooden porticoes, either side of the bridge, guide the pedestrians as they cross. Adapting to the topography, they undulate on the underside of the artwork in a supple and sinuous movement. The 4-metre-long wooden beams that are attached to it are equipped with lines of LED lights. The diffuse lighting, tinted with warm and cold whites, was specially developed for the project. Their colours rework the codes of the city. The variations in intensity, sheets and waves of light highlight and fluidify bicycle and foot traffic. These dynamic behaviours are generated in real time and vary every day. The artwork is synchronised to sparkle with the Eiffel Tower, as an echo, five minutes at the start of each hour, from dawn to midnight.” – Excerpt from 1024 Architecture.

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