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Constellation is a flat packed light fixture that is easy to assemble. The light fixture consist of gold rods and LED- lit “star nodes” to form various zodiac constellations. While Constellation is interesting as a buyable product, this project is also impressive as an installation. Richard Clarkson Studio‘s installation of the entire collection in a darkened room can easily transport the viewer to a clear night sky.

“The Constellation series is our interpretation of those patterns and relationships, at a far smaller scale but still with a sense of the magic that comes with gazing into the heavens. We created the system to float on a two dimensional plane, but to also hint at the three dimensional nature of space. Each ‘star’ is held in place by a near invisible force which converges to a single point – the very embodiment of an expanding universe traced back to the Big Bang.” – Excerpt from Richard Clarkson Studio’s website.

(Media from Richard Clarkson Studio’s website)

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