‘Colorspace’ by Sosolimited

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Sosolimited’s unique light installation, Colorspace, uses text messages as a way to interact with its building’s community. The audience is invited to send a text message to a specific number and watch Colorspace’s technology translates the text message into animations of colored light. The animated response correlates closely to the message received. Texting Colorspace the word ‘Beaches’ would display blues and yellows while sending the word ‘Disco’ would display hot pinks and purples.  

“Colorspace perpetually evolves through an ongoing conversation with the community around it. It gives tenants ownership of their shared space and provides a playful, surprising moment as they enter and exit the building every day. It transforms the lobby into a dynamic, participatory space.” – Excerpt from Sosolimited’s website.

(Media from Sosolimited’s website)

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