Colorful artwork by Peter Erskine

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In a hybrid of both art and architecture, artist Peter Erskine explores the way light falls on varying surfaces and brings new meaning to existing places. His work incorporates sunlight by the strategic placement of laser-cut prisms in various settings. Erskine says the intent of his light installations is to use “the emotional impact of art to address the full range of nature from its most elemental expression as pure light to its most complex expression as global ecology.” He’s been creating these masterpieces across Europe and the United States since the 1980’s. See more photos/videos and read more details on his website.

Materials: Sunlight, laser cut prisms, tempered glass. The 4 windows with the largest screen module have 4' x 8' prisdms installed in the curtain wall. These prisms project the filigree color into the room. CORRECTED 11/6/09

CROSS-1 prism-5

solar-rainbow-art-in-church-700x980 Light-and-space-art-installation-700x942 rainbow-light-art-in-a-church-700x448


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