‘Bunjil’ by Eness

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“Bunjil is a First People’s exhibit in the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum. Bunjil Creation Cinema is an immersive experience that invites visitors to share a moment of spiritual and sensory awakening. Sound, visual art, technology and storytelling come together to represent the essence of creation for Victorian Aboriginal people and shares insight into their spiritual connection to country.

The centerpiece of this experience is a large kinetic sculpture inspired by the notion of continuity and the omnipresent nature of creation. The kinetic form symbolizes Bunjil the Creator, a Wedge-tailed Eagle in flight. Spanning 2.2 meters, the structure (in constant motion), mirrors the size and majesty of a mature Wedge-tailed Eagle. The moving form shows the wings of a bird in flight and reflects a universal motion seen throughout nature – the movement of a wave, the lines of a mountain range, a manta ray moving through water, a snake moving across the land. Visitors are invited into this spiritual experience to see, and feel, creation in motion – past, present and future.”  – Excerpt from Eness’ website.

[Media from Eness’ website]

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