‘Warde’ by HQ Architects

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At Vallero Square in Jerusalem, Isreal are some extraordinary street lights designed by HQ Architects. The street lights resemble poppy flowers and inflate or “bloom” separately to respond to people approaching the lamps. When someone leaves they respond again by deflating. All four will inflate in unison to signal that the tram is approaching the station. These lamps provide shade for pedestrians during the day and light for the street at night.

“Warde’s attempt was not to fight the chaos, but instead to try and “tie the urban space together”, to spread around such fantastic elements that would overcome the reality of the square on one­hand, and will be able to stand for themselves in the non­realistic situation of Jerusalem on the other.” – (Excerpt from HQ Architects’ website)

Overall Warde is unique addition to the space and the installation helps the urban space react to those who use it.

(Media from HQ Architects’ website)

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