August 2019 Newsletter

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Digital Ambiance, August 2019

What we’ve been up to and a peek at what we’ve got coming ahead…

SMODE Partnership

\We’ve been developing a relationship with the French scalable media server and live compositing system, SMODE.  Since we initially connected, we’ve hosted a master class on their program and they are working with us on our upcoming project on Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Digital Ambiance has become the official U.S distributor of SMODE Media Server Products.  Contact us for more info on SMODE.  We’ll be providing more products like LED strip, controllers, and software soon!

The Luminous Arts Podcast

Check out The Luminous Arts Podcast, a discussion series featuring artists, designers, and engineers active in the New Media Arts scene.  Join the host Robb Pope, founder of Digital Ambiance and accomplished light artist, on a journey exploring the landscape of modern visual arts.

In the latest episode, we hear from Matthew Ragan as he walks us through his career in the world of projection mapping and how he became a Touch Designer Wizard.

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Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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