‘An Additive Mix’ by Liz West

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“Liz West’s light installation ‘An Additive Mix’ took centre stage in exhibition ‘Light Fantastic’ at the National Media Museum, celebrating the UNESCO International Year of Light. The work comprises a purpose-built 10m x 5m room containing 250 coloured fluorescent tubes combined with infinity mirrors. The title An Additive Mix takes the principle that white light is composed of different colours of the spectrum (additive colours) and places people in the centre of the phenomenon; saturating them in individual hues that collectively create an intense white glow in a seemingly endless space. An Additive Mix, turns this occurrence in natural science on its head; reassembling the diffracted colours of the rainbow and projecting them to ‘infinity’ as visitors explore”. – Excerpt from Liz West’s website.

[Excerpt from Liz West’s website]


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