‘Airship Orchestra’ by ENESS

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“The Airship Orchestra is a mystical tribe of otherworldly characters beamed from the night stars, skin streaked with galaxy and voices like stardust. Appearing across the globe in 2020 including Washington, DC for Christmas and in Xintiandi, Shanghai as part of Chinese New Year. Visitors are beckoned inside the formation to bathe in volumetric sound and rhythmic light pulsation. In full, our custom creation showcases 20, inflatables (some up to six metres) extending over a 400 square metre area. The sound experience is its own spatial environment, immersing visitors in an arresting score written character-by-character for a 20-person choir. The generative soundscape synced with light, creates a mesmeric adventure that is aesthetically dynamic both day and night.” – Excerpt from ENESS’s website.

[Media from ENESS’s website]

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