‘900 North Michigan Shops’ by ESI Design & Float4

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“Spearheaded by ESI Design, Float4 developed content for a massive real-time digital art installation embedded in the ceiling of 900 North Michigan Shops. Powered by RealMotion, the 190-foot long media feature, divided into ten sections, reveals dynamic and evocative content. Data storytelling is the star of the digital art installation. Float4 developed generative content for the canvas; from lifelike flocks of birds that never fly the same way twice, to bristling trees that grow brighter with daylight.

The ultra-high definition canvas, which is visible from all seven floors of the atrium, can be used an innovative marketing tool. Thanks to a configurable solution, it can showcase branded content and local works of art.” – Excerpt from Float4’s website.

[Media from Float4’s website]

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